January is Cervical Health Awareness Month

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month


Nearly 13,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, but the disease is virtually always preventable with vaccination and appropriate screening (pap and HPV tests). Regular screening with Pap tests can detect cell changes before cancer develops.  Learn more about Missouri's Breast and Cervical Cancer Program here.

The Show Me Healthy Women Program offers breast and cervical cancer screenings for Missouri women who meet age, income and insurance guidelines.


  • Income at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level for household income, and
  • Age 35 to 64, or older if they do not receive Medicare Part B, and
  • No insurance to cover program services


Call toll-free 866-726-9926

About Cervical Cancer

Get an overview of cervical cancer and the latest key statistics in the U.S. here.

Causes, Risks Factors, and Prevention

Learn about the risk factors for cervical cancer and what you might be able to do to help lower your risk here

Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Staging

Know the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer. Find out how cervical cancer is tested for diagnosed, and staged here.

Treating Cervical Cancer

If you are facing cervical cancer, we can help you learn about the treatment options and possible side effects, and point you to information and services to help you in your cancer journey here.

After Treatment

Get information about life as a cancer survivor, next steps, and what you can do to help - here.

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